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I truly believe that Green is the future of Canadian politics. It is the party with the best long term vision of peace, prosperity and sanity, all with the lens of the six guiding principles of the Global Greens Charter.

Holding the Green Party back is that it actually does not operate currently behind the scenes as it projects to its membership and to the public. If it were to find the right structure and governance to be a conduit for members to truly govern the party, it is a short step to invite the public to support us and join us in our quest to allow the voters in Canada to actually govern themselves.

Just because you put an X on a ballot two or three times a decade does not make Canada an actual democracy, in my opinion. The power parties in Canada are run by the back rooms. MPs are puppets and spokespersons for the unelected cabals lurking behind the scenes. We all know it and get some brief satisfaction of 'voting out' a PM or a party, only to find the next group just as bad. 

I offer my thoughts on improving the structure and functioning of the Green Party in this blog. GPC members are invited to become a member here, to guest blog and to contribute to the forum. You can subscribe to receive new blogs and please share any of the blogs and posts on this site that you would like to. Please note that this will not be a place to debate policy except where it applies to governance and party building.

Feedback and comments always welcome. I hope this helps.


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